HAD240 Week 3 – Blog Post 1 – The beginning.

When discussing a community in which to explore, and in turn something we will learn, it was difficult to narrow down to a very specific group. Around our areas, we all noticed that there is a small, and very simple and useful hobby that seems to be rapidly growing. Self sustainability has become something very common in recent years, mores specifically, self cultivation of fruits, vegetables and herbs.


Noticing this community, the group brain stormed about why it was a burgeoning area (something we all individually noticed). We came to many conclusions which were all valid, but one that stuck with me in particular, it was a chance to do something for yourself, but also for those around you at large. Home cultivation can be a very cost effective, natural, and also fun way to stem the waste of healthy food in the domestic and suburban environment.


From this mindset, I continued to thing about these communities, and how, even though it mostly goes unnoticed, it is a valuable knowledge that can influence a lot in the end. The group then went on to note, that we can make a documentary, not just about the community and the people that try to spread the words, but could also be a learning experience for ourselves. Using a major video component to tell the story of the community as a whole, we want to learn the actual techniques and try and involve ourselves in what the community does. This learning journey we are taking will be told through a blog posts, with images/illustration/etc to show the small little steps that we have taken to understand the community, and use those snippets too tell our own story of joining said community.


My Recyclable Plant Pots (Week 3 Entry)

Over the holidays my sister had bought both seasons of Jamie At Home and having nothing to do, I watched all of the episodes in one day (I regret nothing (◡‿◡✿)). While watching Jamie Oliver cook delicious meals and growing his own vegetables, I picked up a lot of great recipes and gardening tips. He’s all about growing his own produce and cooking healthy meals, which I absolutely love. In one episode he had gone around his garden to show what he was growing and he had cherry tomatoes growing out of a can! Needless to say I thought this was genius. You guys can check it out here (fast forward to 6:04) : Jamie at Home (Episode 1, Tomatoes). In another episode he had vegies growing out of old gum boots too (amazing!). Anyways, this brings me to my inspiration of growing my own vegies in recyclable objects.


Yesterday I decided to get my hands dirty and scouted my recycle bin for cans, jars, bottles and cartons. How I wish I had stopped my mum chucking these babies out earlier that day. I’ve discarded the large oil tin because I have no idea how to cut that thing in half. I’ve also ditched the jars since I can’t drill holes in them for drainage, but not to worry, I have a plan for them in the future for our project.


Here’s what I’ve decided to use for my experiment.


Today I made a trip to Bunnings and bought myself some herbs. I’ve got thyme, basil, coriander, rosemary and tomatoes.  I figured that herbs would be the most ideal to grow in cans.

Anyways, check out my draft of an ‘How to make your own recyclable pot’ video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaFBU5g-JVg&feature=youtu.be
Tell me what you guys think! 🙂

Week 3: Getting Started

This week preparation is well underway. We have discussed our plan for our production and gotten in contact with a few potential interviewees. Two informal meetings have been arranged for: Mark Hoffman, the President of Geelong Organic Gardeners; and one other Geelong Organic Gardeners member, Syama. Syama has mentioned that she is behind a local community garden in which we will investigate further and she would be happy to take part in a video interview in the near future.

Geelong Organic Gardeners website:

Mei, Locky and I have been researching what can be grown in this time of year in the Melbourne area and how to do so. We have also begun to prepare the areas in which we will be growing our vegetables, herbs etc and started to arrange supplies.

Today I went to Bunning’s Warehouse and purchased the following:
1 x 25 litre bag of Osmocote Multi Purpose Potting Mix

2013-08-23 17.46.412013-08-23 17.46.45

1 x small pot of Tumbler Tomato Seedlings

1 x small pot of Capsicum Seedlings

1x small pot of Chilli seedlings

1x small pot of Bok Choi seedlings

1x small pot of spinach seedlings

1x packet of carrot seeds

1x packet of radish seeds

I also looked around the home and found an unused ‘Upside Down Tomato Planter’ -which I plan to hang from the ceiling in my pergola-, and quite a few medium sized pots which would be ideal for undercover use and herbs.

2013-08-23 17.53.172013-08-23 17.50.45


Here are some more relevant pictures regarding the areas I’ve got access to over the next 12 weeks:


2013-08-23 17.52.002013-08-23 17.51.23

Our next step is to really build our pre-production document to help steer us in the right direction. We will need to meet as a team regularly and be ready to shoot some engaging interviews within the next couple of weeks. We need to write and agree on some questions from which we will benefit most; especially considering the potential interviews that we already have lined up.