Week 5: Starting to come together

We are now getting to the stage where our ideas are starting to all make sense. What started as a pretty vague idea, with some influences from many different sources, has started to come together the become a clear picture of where we wish to be at the end of the project. This week we finished our design brief for the entire project, and has helped in many ways to narrow our plans down. Something I personally have learnt a lot about at this stage, is that every little thing benefits the final product. The group has spent a large portion of time brain storming and discussing  what we want to do, and that has evolved into what we can and need to do. For example, with the video portion, we didn’t really have much of a plan for gathering footage and how we can make a useable documentary from it all. Yet by spending some time just talking about how we can gather everything together, what sort of style production we liked, and the types of influences we wished to draw from, we were able to create a pretty detailed idea in our minds of how we can continue. Now we have the basis for, what we think, is a very detailed yet simple video documentary. That has made that portion of the project much more exciting to get started on.

Going into the assignment at the first week, I had no real idea what a mixed media documentary entails. I have done a lot of video production before, so that part came easy. Understanding the concept was the hardest part. In writing the design brief, I realised that I finally understood exactly what was needed, exactly how a professional would complete a task like this. Once I gained that clarity, the stress that I knew would come from this project, has turned to excitement. The sort of stress that is a positive, and can be used. I am more confident than ever that we can produce something we can all be proud of.


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