Week 7: First real hurdle

Up until now, most of the experience we have gained from this project has been pretty simple and easy, like everything has fallen into place. But now as we move into the production stage of the assignment, the reality has settled in that time management will be our most important skill for the next few weeks.


First of all, organizing times when all 3 of us can meet up to do some work can be difficult, as we all have busy schedules with uni/work/etc. This has been fairly easy to counter, as we have very similar schedules at uni, and therefore have very similar days off. The ability to get most of the work done on weekdays is a blessing, as weekends, even when you want a quiet one, always seem to be busy.


And secondly, the subjects of our interviews. This has proven to be a very frustrating aspect of the assignment. Danny has managed to get into contact and build a relationship with a few small groups that are more than willing to be part of the video documentary, and now has only to try and find a time that we can all get together. I, on the other hand, have tried contacting quite a few of the more serious groups around the CBD, and they have proven to be more difficult, with some not even responding to any contact.


With 6 weeks to go, I still feel we are follow a very good timeline we have set, and am more than confident that we will gather all the footage, plus more. The stress that comes with organizing participants for a documentary is all part of the learning experience I guess.


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