Week 9

As our project has gone forward, I was always wondering if it was going alright. I would tell myself it was, but would then sub-consciously stress that we didn’t have enough, and that I wasn’t doing enough. But this past week I have noticed exactly where we are. Instead of looking at the week prior and the week to come, I have taken a look at the entire timeline, and I like where we are!

We don’t have the most stuff done. Maybe not even as much as we thought. Yet we are still on track. We have started interviewing people for our video documentary, which has already left us with more footage than we can handle! For a video that we want to be under 7 minutes, there will be alot of editing. But that is the fun part, and we all know how to do it, so we can enjoy it together.

An aspect I keep forgetting is the Twitter account. Mainly posting entertaining ways to get involved in growing ones own food and progress of our own garden, re-tweeting from other, similar feeds is proving to be very beneficial, with each day at least 2-3 different feeds follow us back! For something I assumed would only be seen by those in our class, this has been a massive boost to my confidence in our topic.

Bring on the next few weeks!


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