Week 10: The end of Production

This week we completed gathering all our footage for the video documentary. This is a major relief for the group, because now we can quickly move forward with the last little bits of the project. We gathered 4+ hours of footage, that we are hoping we can easily break down into a short, maybe 7 minutes, video. In tying in with the community aspect, we reached out to a small group called Geelong Organic Gardens. They are a great group who were not only willing to help us out, but were excited with our project.

Now we move into the cutting and editing stage, which will require quite a bit of work as a group. We need to take everything we have, and try to produce a cohesive narrative related to the community we chose.

With all our production completed, and everything we have completed, I feel we have past the point of the minimum, and have the chance to make something truly good and useful.


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