The Final Post: Reflection

This is it! The end of our production. But for me personally this is a whole new beginning!

Every week I am finding myself more and more involved in the community surrounding organic and edible gardening and I will certainly continue to adapt this lifestyle. This has been more than a 12 week journey for me, this is a new beginning and I now aim to influence others into becoming involved in organic gardening. I have already donated some chili plants to my brother and he is looking into growing more things himself.

Challenges and achievements:

The biggest challenge that we have faced would have to be arranging interviews with organizations and individuals. Many groups weren’t very interested or just didn’t respond or get back to us at all. These groups were obviously only interested in doing their own thing and this was disheartening as this wasn’t what we expected from the community that we were reaching out to.

Looking back though, I am glad that things didn’t work out with the initial, commercial companies and organisations. Our biggest challenge effectively led to our greatest achievement: finding Geelong’s community of organic gardeners.

There were a few groups that we came across such as Geelong Organic Gardeners but this group was just a small part of the growing edible gardening/ organic growing/permaculture/self sustainable community.

In terms of the project itself I believe we managed our time and workloads quite well and this has helped us complete everything to our own satisfaction and on time, nothing has been rushed or unplanned.

This is the link to our final website from which all of our documentary content can be accessed:

And finally, here is my reflection video where I briefly analyse our challenges and achievements during this production


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