Week 6

Big Week!

Document is now completed and we have all finished the individual research we wanted to do. Now to dive in to the production.

I have learnt so much already from the research stage of the project. Not only in the community of our chosen field, the people involved and who we may meet, but also because we are now starting to get involved in the community ourselves. We have all been growing some plants for about 4 weeks now, some have even started to sprout. I myself have chosen to try and eat as organically and healthy as possible. Nothing that I eat is my own yet, but the few herbs and smaller items I use, it is quite nice to be able to grab those from the garden, and know exactly where it all came from. I am starting to see just why this community is growing so rapidly! It’s simple, quick and extremely wholesome, good for the soul.

From here on out, we will mainly be focusing on the production aspects, like the videos and such, but it’s good to know we are still involving ourselves in the community, even if it is not our main focus.


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