Getting to know the community.

As we begin to come to the end of the Pre-Production time of our project, I have started to spend more and more time making the connections between our chosen topic, and the main aspect of the assignment, community. The, as I now call it, Self Sustaining Community is a bit of a paradox. For example, at a local farmers market, I was wandering around and found that everyone I talked too, be it the owner of a stall, or another person there to purchase goods, was extremely involved in what they were doing, very passionate.


I talked to one vendor, who sold a large selection of Olives that he had grown at home, and sold jars for $15 dollars. After we had been talking for a while, I mentioned that I myself was starting to try and grow my own vegetables, and he proceeded to describe the perfect way to grow olives in a small environment (which would be very handy if I enjoyed them), like he was a salesperson trying to sell me a car. But he didn’t do it to try and sell me his olives, he wasn’t trying to make a sale, he was in fact trying to sell his enthusiasm to me. The look on his face during our conversation showed that he loved the whole self sustaining community and wanted to spread the joy. And this was not confined to one man. Everyone I sparked a conversation with would go with the same gusto, and without even realising it, making me more and more excited to start my own cultivation journey.


It was with these few interactions, that I began to see exactly how the community operates. A self fulfilling pastime, that can be shared with anyone. Tips and tricks are shared, used, and passed on. A community of individuals, helping each other become even more individual.


HAD240 Week 3 – Blog Post 1 – The beginning.

When discussing a community in which to explore, and in turn something we will learn, it was difficult to narrow down to a very specific group. Around our areas, we all noticed that there is a small, and very simple and useful hobby that seems to be rapidly growing. Self sustainability has become something very common in recent years, mores specifically, self cultivation of fruits, vegetables and herbs.


Noticing this community, the group brain stormed about why it was a burgeoning area (something we all individually noticed). We came to many conclusions which were all valid, but one that stuck with me in particular, it was a chance to do something for yourself, but also for those around you at large. Home cultivation can be a very cost effective, natural, and also fun way to stem the waste of healthy food in the domestic and suburban environment.


From this mindset, I continued to thing about these communities, and how, even though it mostly goes unnoticed, it is a valuable knowledge that can influence a lot in the end. The group then went on to note, that we can make a documentary, not just about the community and the people that try to spread the words, but could also be a learning experience for ourselves. Using a major video component to tell the story of the community as a whole, we want to learn the actual techniques and try and involve ourselves in what the community does. This learning journey we are taking will be told through a blog posts, with images/illustration/etc to show the small little steps that we have taken to understand the community, and use those snippets too tell our own story of joining said community.